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Are you in pain and tired of taking pain medication?  Did you try everything and nothing worked? 


Are you overwhelmed by stress and suffering from anxiety? Hard to stay asleep? Do you wake up feeling tired?

Have you been trying to get pregnant and have not been successful?  Too much information and don’t know what to believe? Are you feeling fatigued after birth of you child/children and trying to just power through?

Please let us assist with your health concerns and find a path to your wellness together.  And don't wait.  Let's start your wellness NOW.

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Patient testimonials 

I’ve been seeing Dr. Sachi for the last year and she has helped me with any issues or pains that I have had. These issues include joint problems, muscle problems, issues with sleep, acne, and anything you might ask for. She puts a lot of effort into listening to what you need done and has always found a solution. I 10/10 recommend seeing Dr. Sachi with anything you might need help with!

Zac - High School Athlete 


Lifesaver! My neck pain was limiting my activities and draining my energy. I felt much better after my first session with Sachi and within a few sessions my pain had gone from 8 down to 0. I highly recommend her. Thank you Sachi!

Jack - entrepreneur

As a physician formerly with limited personal experience in acupuncture, I was a little skeptical whether acupuncture treatments would help me.  Now after several treatments, I am a full believer in the healing power of acupuncture.  Even more so, I am impressed by Sachiko's holistic approach, delicate touch and welcoming style.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and I confidently refer my patients and family members to her.

Dan - Family Medicine

My husband and I were thinking about starting a family -I wanted to fix my back pain first.  Sachi fixed my pain in a few sessions and I got pregnant right after.  During pregnancy she helped me with nausea and delivery was smooth.  Now we have this beautiful baby girl.  I don't know how to thank Sachi! 

Lisa - Homemaker 

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Pain Relief

Pain represents a blockage in the body and frequently occurs in the upper, mid and lower back, neck, shoulder, hip (sciatica), knee, ankle, wrist, and elbow. Carpal tunnel and plantar fasciitis are also common sources of pain. Acupuncture releases these blockages, releasing endorphins, natural pain killers, restoring the body to its natural balance. When the body is in balance pain is relieved. 

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Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia 

We all experience stress. However constant stress strains your body which can result in anxiety, insomnia, headaches, GI issues, skin and other conditions. Acupuncture is known to help restore your body to its natural state by allowing natural flow of energy and fluids.

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Fertility Acupuncture

Whether you are trying to conceive naturally, or preparing for IUI and/or IVF, getting acupuncture treatments is an excellent way to improve the success rate of conception and implantation.  Getting regular treatments while you are pregnant makes such a positive impact not only on your body but also on your baby(ies). We also treat breech presentation, support labor induction and provide postpartum care.

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